Prime cuts, direct from the CoonCreek Farm.

Enjoy our full menu featuring our locally raised beef, mouth-watering barbecue & much more. Our menu selection also includes seasonal drinks, craft beers, wines & catering options!


Fried Pickles $10
House brined, sliced Kirby pickles, buttermilk marinated, lightly dusted & fried.

Tenderloin Steak Tips $15
Seasoned & grilled tenderloin pieces with sautéed button mushrooms & pearl onions with Detroit zip sauce.

Smoked Brisket & Skins $11
Brined & smoked beef brisket, shredded & tossed in our BBQ sauce & cheese blend, packed into a fried potato skin, baked & drizzled with bang bang sauce.

Fried Calamari $13
Buttermilk marinated calamari, dusted & flash fried, served with lemon velouté, roasted red peppers & banana peppers.

Smoked Whitefish Spread $10
Caramelized onions, smoked whitefish, cream cheese, lemon & sour cream, served with crackers & celery sticks.

Soup & Salads

House Salad
Iceberg & romaine, grape tomatoes, English cucumber, house croutons, shaved carrot, sunflower seeds & boiled egg.
Side $5   Entree $10

Caesar Salad
Romaine heart, house Caesar, shaved parmesan reggiano & house croutons.
Add Grilled Chicken +$4   Add Blackened Chicken +$4   Add Steak +$6
Side $6   Entree $12

French Onion Soup $6
A rich beef broth, caramelized white & Spanish yellow onions, house croutons & melted gruyere.  

Soup Du Jour $5
Ask your server for details.

Chili $6
Topped with cheddar, diced onions & sour cream.

From the Farm

All meat is raised locally & processed in our packing plant in Caro, MI.

Bone In Ribeye $30
A delicious, well-marbled steak, seasoned, grilled to order & served with two sides.

New York Strip $23
A lean, flavorful cut of meat, seasoned, grilled to order & served with two sides.

Filet $35
Center cut filet, seasoned, grilled to order & served with two sides.

Meatloaf $16
A combination of our Coon Creek ground beef & pork with spices, herbs & vegetables, over buttermilk mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy, served with one side.

More Favorites

St. Louis BBQ Ribs
Brined, slow hickory smoked with CC dry rub, BBQ sauce on the side, served with two sides.
Half $16.50   Full $33

From the Creek Fridays $18 (FRIDAY ONLY)
Hand battered center cut cod loins, served with a side of tartar sauce, french fries & a lemon wedge.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken $17
Buttermilk marinated & brined, dusted & fried (1/2 Bird) served with two sides.

Smoked Brisket Plate $20
1/2 lb of smoked brisket, BBQ sauce, & pickled red onions, served with two sides.

Catch of the Day
Provided by Motor City Seafood. Ask your server for details.


French Dip $15
Inside top round from The CC Farm, slow roasted & shaved, on a French hoagie,
topped with melted provolone & a side of Au Jus, served with one side.

Brisket Sando $15
Brined, slow hickory smoked with our CC dry rub, light house BBQ & coleslaw on grilled Texas Toast, served with one side.

Nashville Chicken Sandwich $15
Marinated & brined boneless Amish chicken breast, dusted & fried, Nashville seasoned, Duke’s mayo, shaved iceberg & house pickles, served with one side.

Coon Creek Double Cheeseburger $15
Two of our Coon Creek ground beef patties, American, shaved iceberg, Spanish onion, house pickles & CC sauce, on a brioche bun, served with one side.
Add Bacon +$2   Add Fried Egg +$1

Reuben $16
Sy Ginsberg's corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & thousand island on grilled, marbled rye, served with one side.


$3.25 Per Side
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes ∙ House Macaroni & Cheese ∙ Vegetable of the Day ∙ Baked Potato∙ French Fries ∙ House Slaw ∙ Tater Tots ∙ House Apple Sauce


$6 Per Dessert
Carrot Cake Roll ∙ Chocolate Cake

Kids Menu

$7 Per Meal - Served with one side & a drink.
Chicken Tenders ∙ Hamburger ∙ Grilled Cheese ∙ Mac & Cheese


Pepsi Fountain Drinks ∙ Coffee ∙ Tea - $3
Glass Bottle Faygo $3.25 ∙ 1L Acqua Panna Water $8.25

Drink Menu.

Summer Cocktails

Boozy Limeade $7.50
Deep Eddy Lime Vodka, Starry, Grenadine & Cherry Garnish

Malibu Sunrise $7.50
Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice & Watermelon Pucker

Royal Peach Lemonade $7.50
Crown Peach, Peach Schnapps, Lemonade & Sour Mix

Coon Creek Lemonade $7.50
Vodka, Blueberry Puree, Lemonade & Soda Splash

Summer Screwdriver $7.50
Vodka, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice & Triple Sec

Beer List

Domestic Bottles
Budweiser $3.25    Bud Light $3.25    Labatt Blue $3.75    Labatt Blue Light $3.75
Miller Lite $3.25    Coors Light $3.25    Michelob Ultra $3.25    Busch Light $3.25
Pabst Blue Ribbon $3.25    Leinenkugels Summer Shandy $3.50

Premium & Imports
Corona Extra $4.50    Corona Premium $4.50    Corona Light $4.50    Dos Equis $4.50
Modelo $4.50    Blue Moon $4.50    Samuel Adams (Rotating) $4    Guinness $4.50
Stella Artois $4.50    Heineken $4.50    Heineken Zero $4.50    Alaskan Amber $4.50
Dirty Blonde $4.50

Seltzer & Cider

White Claw $5
Truly $5
Angry Orchard $4.50
Twisted Tea $4

Wine List

Pinot Grigia $6
Cabernet $6
Chardonnay $6

From The Pit

1lb of Meat serves 2-3 people
All smoked meat comes with our house made bbq sauce.

Smoked Turkey Breast $18/lb
Smoked Whole Chicken $16
Brisket $30/lb
Pulled Pork $19/lb
Smoked Ribs $28/Slab
Smoked Sausage $17/lb

Sliders By The Dozen

Includes all the fixins.

Pulled Pork Sliders $26
Brisket Sliders $38
Meatloaf Sliders $30
Burger Bites $26

Sautéed Chicken

Half Pan (15 Pieces) $65    Full Pan (30 Pieces) $125

Chicken Marsala  |  Chicken Piccata  |  Chicken Parmesan
Grilled Chicken Breast  |  Grilled Lemon Chicken Over Pasta

Roasted or Fried Chicken

Breast $6  |  Thigh $5  |  Drum $5

Party Subs

2ft long, 5in wide Sub serves 15 people.
Served on a grilled, garlic parmesan bun.

Italian Grinder $45/Sub
Turkey Club $45/Sub

Custom Subs also available.

On The Side

Mac & Cheese
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $42    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $76

Chef Dave's Creamy Pasta
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $30    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $60

Green Beans
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $25    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $48

Pit Beans
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $34    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $60

Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $25    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $50

Buttermilk Biscuits
By the Dozen $14


Full Pan (Serves 30-35) No Meat $50    With Meat $60

Choice of Noodle
Campanelle  |  Fettuccine  |  Mostaccioli
Choice of Sauce
Meat Sauce  |  Tomato Basil  |  Italian Tomato Cream


Garden Salad
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $30    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $56

Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $34    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $60

Michigan Salad
Served with raspberry vinaigrette.
Half Pan (Serves 15-20) $35    Full Pan (Serves 30-35) $70

Your Dressing Choices
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian, Honey Mustard or Caesar

Paper Goods

Paper Goods
Disposable plates, rolled plastic utensils & paper napkins. $3/Person

DIY Warmer Package
Wire rack warming kits with water pan +2 hr sternos. $22/Kit